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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have sent warning letters to seventeen food makers for their “misleading” product labels that make unauthorized health or nutrition claims.

The letters went out to the makers of a broad array of products, including Juicy Juice, POM pomegranate juice, Nestle USA and Gerber baby food.

The companies have fifteen days to comply with label changes or they face having their products pulled from grocery shelves.

“It’s a new get-tough policy,” said Margaret Hamburg, FDA Commissioner.

"We continue to see products marketed with labeling that violates established labeling standards," Hamburg wrote. "To address these concerns, FDA is notifying a number of manufacturers that their labels are in violation of the law and subject to legal proceedings to remove misbranded products from the marketplace."

WebMD has a list of the 17 firms cited, and the products with "misleading" labels.

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    Well this is a bit of the pot calling the kettle black. It is now estimated that Vioxx caused some 140,000 heart attacks and 50,000 deaths by heart attack while it was on the market. Was that "fraudulent advertising" by the FDA when they promoted it for treatment of acute pain? If Vioxx were an isolated tragic example one might have some confidence but it is not. Now they are going after a food producer for failing to mention that ice cream has fat? Further, food can both treat and prevent medical conditions it is all over the medical literature who is the FDA to say this may not be spoken of, it is absurd. Let's put it another way, do carrots cure vitamin A deficiency night blindness? does food cure marasmus and Kwashiorkor's disease (i.e. starvation)? Do limes cure scurvy? Does water cure renal insufficiency brought on from dehydration? What do you mean people can't mention foods can treat and prevent diseases, what inanity and infringement of freedom of speech. Stop allowing chemical concoctions on the market that kill as many Americans as died in the Vietnam war and maybe someone will give a hoot about your warnings.

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