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Many people are not aware that large retail outlets and shopping malls owe a legal duty to their guests to maintain a reasonably safe shopping environment.

There are numerous situations where individuals have been kidnapped from a major retail facility and later murdered because of inadequate security. In addition to kidnappings and murders on the premises, people have also been seriously injured by assaults while on these types of premises.

The retail facility owes a legal duty to keep their facility reasonably safe for the customers who come and do business at their facility. The lack of security or negligent hiring and training of security staff can often make or break a case. Furthermore, the lack of security in areas known by the facility management as high risk areas like dark parking garage structures or areas that are hidden from direct view often result in creating a dangerous condition for retal center patrons.

Car thefts can and have been known to escelate into assaults and serious injury on patrons. It is not uncommon to find little security in areas where past violence has occurred. Inadequate security can also involve security staff too busy flirting or not paying attention while on patrol. Lastly, the lack of security cameras in parking garages also contribute to a higher crime rate in those structures lacking cameras.

Bob Hilliard the founding Partner of Hilliard & Munoz LLP has represented victims who have been seriously injured or killed as a result of inadequate security. Bob Hilliard is a board certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer who has been trying cases since 1983. Inadequate security cases are not easy cases to win and are often overlooked by other law firms who lack the proper understanding of how to successfully develop and prosecute an inadequate security claim against large retail facilities. If you have a loved one who was reported missing and later found murdered, it’s important to make a timeline of all the stops that loved one made to determine if foul play was a factor or to identify where the individual was initially abducted.

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